Representative Gene Wu


“During our national crisis, we need a doctor on our side. It would add so much to our state legislature to have Dr. Lalani. I fully endorse Suleman Lalani for House District 26.”

Rish Oberoi


“I spent months talking to thousands of voters in this district, and it was obvious the community knew our state government was failing the healthcare system, said Oberoi. Since then, we have faced the greatest healthcare crisis in our history, and we desperately need compassion and expertise in Austin advocating for our healthcare. I am fully supporting Dr. Lalani for House District 26 because his lifetime of service to community and patients is proof, he will fight for our health care rights. Beyond health care Dr. Lalani is the qualified and experienced candidate we need to flip HD 26 and protect our communities from being gerrymandered out of the political process. I encourage all Democrats to join me in voting for Dr. Lalani as our Democratic nominee in the July 14th runoff election.”

Congressman Nick Lampson

“I represented this community as a United States Representative and saw the changing landscape and abundant diversity that was growing,” said Lampson. “Unfortunately, due to Tom DeLay and the GOP’s blatant gerrymandering of districts, I knew the diversity of these communities would not have a representative voice. Dr. Lalani is the strong accomplished candidate we need to win in November and take back the House giving Texans the opportunity to correct unfair, partisan gerrymandering.”

Hon. Gordon Quan

“Health care is the number one issue facing Texans. My friend, Dr. Lalani has a plan to address health care issues facing Texans. I urge all of District 26 to vote Dr. Suleman Lalani for State Representative.”