Health Care

As a lifelong physician, Dr. Lalani has seen, firsthand, the effects of poor health care access. Texas is the least insured state in the nation. In Dr. Lalani's Geriatrics practice this is all too evident in the preventable ailments his patients suffer due to a lifetime of inadequate health care. As your State Representative Dr. Lalani will bring decades of experiences from his practice and the real-life ramifications that his patients have suffered. 

Preventative Care
Reduce Prescription Drug Costs
Medicaid Expansion
Funding for CHIP
Emphasis on Healthcare Research



Our public schools have been underfunded for decades and it came to a boiling point in 2019 Legislative session with HB3. The billion-dollar patch on our school finance problem was only a short-term solution to an issue our children will face for decades. We must create sustainable long-term funding for our public schools and the state must have buy in to assure every district is equally and fairly funded

Inside our schools, we must return to the goal of developing minds that are prepared to solve problems, large and small. Today we are teaching to a test and preparing children strategies on how to navigate multiple-choice questions instead of navigating life. This will require teachers that are deeply invested in their children and dedicated to their careers, which means we must pay them accordingly. 

Long-Term Sustainable Public School Funding
Increase Teacher Pay & Protect Their Retirement
State Increases Share of School Funding
Reduce the Importance of Standardized Testing


Environmental Protections

A patient's health can be determined by external factors they cannot control. The health of our environment is up to us. The impact on our lives is what should drive every one of us to start protecting our environment. Republicans may not believe in climate change but we all are facing the impact of polluted air, water, and historic storms. Dr. Lalani will advocate for the health of his community as a whole and push for environmental protections. Texas is the energy leader of the world, we have innovated wind, natural gas, and other alternative fuels. We will not abandon fossil fuels, rather we will enhance our capabilities to power the world cleanly and more efficiently. 

Regulating Polluters 
Incentivizing Clean Energy Development
Supporting Climate Change Research
Keeping Polluting Industries Out of Communities