What Matters To Texans



As a lifelong physician, Dr. Lalani has seen the effects of poor health care access firsthand. Texas is the least insured state in the Nation. Amid a global pandemic, we see even more clearly the disparity of healthcare access. In Dr. Lalani's Geriatrics practice, this is evident in the preventable ailments his patients suffer due to a lifetime of inadequate healthcare. As your State Representative, Dr. Lalani will bring decades of experiences from his practice and the real-life ramifications that his patients have suffered.

Medicaid Expansion
Preventative Care
Reduce Prescription Drug Costs
Funding for CHIP
Emphasis on Healthcare Research


Education and the Covid Recovery

Our public schools have been underfunded for decades and were left vulnerable when the pandemic hit. Even the safe reopening of schools has become politicized by Governor Abbott and the Republican leadership. Our children's physical and mental health and teachers should be the focus as we keep our schools open. We have to make sure our children don't lose any more in-person learning.
The longer focus must be on stable and equitable funding for our public schools. While we work keeping schools safe and pandemic-prepared to minimize interruptions to education. The mismanagement of school funding by Texas will cost us quality teachers, which will lead to poor academic outcomes. To produce tomorrow's leaders, we need well-compensated teachers focused on creating learners, not test-takers.  

Long-Term Sustainable Public School Funding
Keeping Schools Open and Safe for Children and Teachers
Increase Teacher Pay & Protect Their Retirement
State Increases Share of School Funding
Reduce the Importance of Standardized Testing


Equitable Economic Recovery

Texas has one of the most robust state economies in the Nation but the prosperity is not reaching the working-class families of Texas. The cost of housing and basic living expenses have gone up and accelerated due to the pandemic fallout. As we recover from this pandemic, Texas must support families who have no work-from-home options or paid leave to survive difficult times. If they fall out of the workforce, the entire economy suffers. Republicans have allowed working families to struggle while giving tax cuts to giant corporations for too long. It is time our legislature thinks about people first.

Corporations Pay Their Fair Share
Allow Livable Wage Standards in Cities
Increase Affordable Housing Options


Protect the Grid

This kind of basic failure is one of the reasons my family immigrated from our homeland. In America, you expect basic services to function. In Texas, you never expect a lack of energy to result in 246 dead Texans. This was only because Greg Abbott chose corporations over Texans. We can't afford to have another Republican legislature go along with the Governor's political greed. 

Weatherize the Grid
Accept and Dispoerse Equitiably President Biden's Infurstruct Dollars
Invest in Modern and Green Energy Resources